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ADS Water Services Ltd is an experienced independent water filtration and water softener supplier based within one of the hardest water areas within the U.K.

With over 10 years experience in providing water treatment solutions, for both domestic and commercial customers, we recognise that providing reliable products is only half the story.

We are passionate about Customer Service and have a team of fully trained and insured technicians to support you, from installation to ongoing servicing, providing both peace of mind and excellent value for money.



Water hardness

The facts about
Hard Water

Hard water is water that contains high quantity of dissolved minerals, mainly calcium and magnesium.  Rainwater is naturally soft, but when it makes its way through the ground, and eventually into our home waterways, the water has picked up minerals such as lime, chalk, and mainly calcium and magnesium from the rocks and underground sand through which it passes. Thus resulting in hardened water.

Hardened water affects around 13 million households across the UK.  Hardened water causes residue and limescale build up in appliances and pipes, making heating systems less efficient – just 6mm of limescale can reduce the efficiency of a typical home heating system by up to 38%.

Hardened water also uses more soap and cleaning product to form a lather than a softer water would – increasing costs to both your pocket and the environment.

A Water Softener is an appliance that uses an ion exchange process to remove hard minerals from the water running through your home or commercial kitchen.  A simple investment that can reduce your home and business costs, whilst helping to protect the planet for future generations.

ADS Water is an independent supplier of all forms of water treatment solutions, and offers a free, no obligation, survey to be able to advise on the product that is best suited to your individual requirements.

Softenend Water – see and feel the difference

What our clients have to say…

I would recommend ADS for the professional service they provide us at the hotel. They are always available to give advice and the service they give is carried out both promptly and thoroughly.

Sean Jones

Maintenance Supervisor, Royal Bath Hotel and Spa


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