3M ScaleGard™ Blend Series 

For coffee and hot beverages equipment

The 3M™ ScaleGard™ Blend Series reduces chlorine taste and odour, as well as chloramines that can react with metal, plastic and rubber materials which may cause equipment damage. Scale reduction also helps provide equipment protection from hard scale and corrosion.  An innovative, powerful system that combines chloramine reduction water filtration systems with the ability to monitor filter capacity and control water quality at your fingertips.  The quadruple-action filtration provides protection against: Hard scale, Corrosion, Chlorine taste/odour and Chloramines.

Available Products: 3M Scalegard Blend 145 CLS Cartridge, 165 CLS Cartridge, 195 CLS Cartridge, 1175 CLS Cartridge, BH3 Variable ByPass Head & BH3 Variable ByPass Head with Monitor.

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3M ScaleGard Pro Filter Cartridge Range

For coffee and hot beverages

The 3M ScaleGard Pro range has been designed to protect coffee and beverage equipment from the harmful effects of scale build-up in hard water areas.  The filter cartridge has been designed to prevent hard scale formation in the heating coils that will result in energy inefficiency, equipment downtime and expensive service call outs.

Available Products: 3M ScaleGard Pro 124, 165 cartridge & 195 cartridges

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3M AP2 Filter Range

For water boilers and coolers with scale inhibitor

The 3M AP2 range is a dedicated water filter for drinking water and water coolers. It removes bad taste and odours including chlorine, benzine, toxaphene, dichlorobenzene, lead, cycts and reduces sediment. 

Available Products: 3M AP2-C401SG replacement cartridge, 3M AP2 cartridge head & 3M AP2765-S replacement cartridge

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3M HF-MS Filter Cartridge Range

For coffee and small vending machines

The 3M HF-MS range provides scale inhibition for coffee machines and small vending machines as well as sediment and chlorine, taste and odour reduction. The small sizes are ideal for space constraint issues. All products fit the VH3 head with allows interchangeability and no requirement for turning off the water supply when changing a cartridge.

Available Products: 3M HF05MS & 3M HF10MS cartridges

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3M HF-S Filter Cartridge Range

For ice cubers and flakers

The 3M HF-S range reduces sediment, bacteria and chlorine for clearer and great tasting ice. The built-in scale inhibitor reduces lime scale build-up on evaporator plates to help ensure long lasting equipment and reduce service calls.  Sanitary Quick Change (SQC) encapsulated cartridge design allows for fast and easy cartridge change.

Available Products: 3M HF40-S, HF60-S & HF90-S cartridges

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