The Arctic Chill 98 is a floor standing mains fed high capacity direct chilled cooler with ambient water.  The Pressure Cooler, approved by WRAS, can provide up to 40 litres of chilled water per hour and virtually unlimited ambient water.  At an influent water temperature of 16C, the Arctic Chill 98 offers an immediate draw off of 120 cups below 12C.

The unit is equipped with a new FloodGuard safety device which stops any leak from a mains fed cooler, providing peace of mind.  The push and hold Solenoid dispensing tap is fitted with a HygieneGuard tap cover.  The silver impregnated tap cover is designed to prevent hand to tap bacteria contamination. A 3 litre alarmed overflow system, which connects to the Drip Tray can be fitted to all floor standing units, as a means of increasing the drip tray capacity.

The unit stands 113.5cm high, 34cm wide and 34cm deep, with a dispensing height of 23cm.

Please contact us for more information about having an Arctic Chill 98 cooler installed in your home or workplace.