BRITA Purity AquaQuell

For coffee machines and vending machines

PURITY AquaQuell filters are synonymous with reliable prevention of limescale build-up, safe removal of unwanted tastes and odours, and consequently with optimal product quality and long, maintenance-free machine running times. The 4-stage filtration in the PURITY AquaQuell range prevents limescale deposits and ensures consistently high water quality. Consistent water quality over the entire service life of the filter and reliable removal of unwanted tastes and odours ensures exceptional quality and a unique taste for hot and cold beverages.

Available Products: AquaQuell 450 System, 600 System and 1200 Systems, Replacement Cartridges and Housings

BRITA AquaQuell Purity C

For espresso machines

The BRITA Aqualquell Purity C reduces water hardness, chlorine and other impurities, resulting in the finest optimised water, with its ideal mineral composition, which helps to release the individual aroma of each espresso from the ground coffee. This supports the development of the authentic espresso taste, the way experienced baristas like it.  

Available Products: AquaQuell Purity C150, C300 & C500 , Replacement cartridges, filter heads and flow meters.

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