The SOFTLUX Water Softener is a popular and compact unit for homes, where space is a premium.  Available in both 10L and 14L models, it is suitable for households with up to 6 people and 3 bathrooms.  It uses both Block and Tablet salt.

The Softlux softener has been developed by BWT,  one of Europe’s top water softener manufacturers to supply the UK market, with over 25 years experience in the industry.  The Softlux has been built specifically for UK plumbing and uses resin beads to filter the impurities found in hard water.  As the resin beads filter the impurities the ion exchange process uses efficient brining and the water flow rate is reversed to treat and regenerate the resin that has reached maximum capacity to allow for optimum water flow rates and salt use. The Softlux also has an advanced memory so that the softener regeneration process occurs based on your water usage patterns.

Please contact us for more information about having a Softlux Water Softener installed in your home.