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What are the benefits of softened water?

Softened water provides a difference you and your family will be able to feel immediately – whether you are washing clothes, cleaning your home, bathing or showering. Lathering more easily, it requires you to use less soap, less detergent and less conditioner than you normally would with hard water.  Your clothes and towels will feel softer and more luxurious, skin is more hydrated and hair will feel appear shinier.

The Science bit!

When hard water is heated or left to stand, the dissolved minerals will solidify as the moisture evaporates, resulting in the creation of Limescale.  Limescale then covers taps and showerheads – leaving white scum marks which can be difficult to remove, whilst blocked shower heads will eventually reducing water pressure.

Limescale also builds up in the pipework that runs around your home – including your heating systems, washing machine and dishwashers.  The build-up of limescale makes the pipes narrower and therefore the heating system has to work harder to warm the water traveling through them.  The limescale will eventually corrode the pipe or heating element, resulting in repair and replacement costs.

However, studies have shown, that hard water has the same effect on your skin as it does on your household pipes.  Hard water is less able to remove soap suds compared to softer water, and a residue of soap is left to clog your pores in the same way that it clogs your pipes!  The minerals in hard water may also remove the natural moistures in your skin causing it to feel dry, while the blocked pores can worsen skin conditions such as acne and eczema. 

The excess minerals that exist in hardened water can also combine with shampoo and conditioner to form a curd-like substance that sticks to your hair.  This results in dry, dull looking hair, whilst the dryness of scalp can cause dandruff.

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We had a water softener and filter installed by ADS Water Services in our house. Service was great, Instant result transforming our water supply. Filtered water can now be drunk from the tap and no more scaling. We also get our supply of salt from ADS. Highly recommended and a good price.

D. Sheil

West Sussex

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