iX KONEKT – Compact filters with specialist media

iX Konekt, made in the UK by WaterCare, offers all the versatility and flexibility of its larger siblings but in a smaller and more compact format where space is a premium. Using Refill Insert technology, the Konekt filters still offer benefits to both the environment and your pocket, but do so in a range of specialist media’s that offer targeted solutions to different water borne problems.

iX Konekt filters can be used with water boilers, drinking water dispensers, water coolers, pre-filter scenarios and vending machines to help remove bacteria and sediment, reducing scale build up thereby improving the taste of the filtered water.

Available in Polyphosphate, Sediment, Carbon CT-01 & HPC versions

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iX Konekt Polyphosphate

For hot water boilers and small hot beverage machines
Food grade Phosphates contained in this filter inhibit build-up of scale by stabilising water. Addition of carbon block helps improve the quality of taste, colour & odour of water.  For cold water use only.

iX Konekt Sediment

For the reduction of particulates from water
For use in reducing particulate, organic matter from water. 5 Micron, ceramic sediment filter acts as a superior pre-filter, preparing water for further treatment such as removal of chemicals & heavy metals. Sediment filter does not improve taste, colour or odour of water.

iX Konekt Carbon CT-01

Improves taste, colour and odour of drinking water
For use with drinking water, water coolers & in soft water areas. 1Micron Carbon Block Filter. Improves taste, colour & odour of drinking water. Carbon Block offers superior surface area to granular carbon whilst minimising pressure drop. Reduces organic impurities and chlorine. Cold water use only.

iX Konekt HPC

Lead, bacteria, chlorine, pesticide, herbicide removal
High spec, high capacity 0.5 Micron Filter Block. Used to remove lead and bacteria such as cysts. Also removes chlorine, herbicides and pesticides for great tasting drinking water. Cold water use only.