iX Water filters, made in the UK by WaterCare, provide a simple, easy to identify range of ECO-FRIENDLY, quick change water filters at cost-effective prices.  They use NSF Certified components & WRAS certified media and are suitable for Vending and Food Service Applications – with specifically engineered variants for coffee, ice, drinking water, vending machines, catering applications and postmix.

The iX range of filters are easy to install, with a quarter turn release mechanism that shuts off water supply for easy maintenance and cartridge exchange.  The Insert Refill Technology allows you to buy the whole filter, or just the insert refill – the iX FILTER is over 60% more cost effective when just the media insert is replaced compared to exchanging a traditional one-way filter.  The internal media insert can then be returned to us  for recycling – which significantly reduces both operational costs and wasted plastics

Available in iX Filter, iX Carbon, iX Vend, iX Ice, iX Dispense & iX Vapour versions.

For great tasting hot beverages

The iX FILTER will improve the quality and taste of your coffee and hot beverages whist being more ECO friendly. The specially formulated ion-exchange resin with carbon block reduces scale thereby improved the taste of the resulting drink.  

For use with espresso machines and hot beverage systems. Available in 01 & 02 versions.


For great tasting drinking water

The iX CARBON has been specifically designed for taste, colour and odour improvement. With 4 stage filtration, the iX CARBON provides the perfect filtration product for soft water regions, where scale is not an issue, by filtering the water to produce a clear, improvement in the quality of taste, colour and odour.  iX CARBON’s silver impregnated Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) combined with a final, additional carbon block further improves quality of water.  Available in 01 & 02 versions. 


High quality water for vending

The iX VEND has a 5-stage filtration process designed to provide high quality water, improving taste, colour and odour whilst inhibiting scale for high volume hot beverage vending applications.    The filter reduces sediment and chlorine whilst protecting against bacteria and water borne cysts. iX VEND’s in-built scale inhibition dramatically reduces scale build up and saves energy.    Available in 01 & 02 Versions.


For Ice machines, cubers & flakers

The iX ICE works with all major brands of flakers and cubers, to ensure ice cubes are bright and clear, whilst protecting equipment from limescale damage.    Freezing water to make ice causes the dissolved minerals in hard water to precipitate and coat the  working surfaces. This leads to increased energy costs and poor quality ice. It will also lead to a reduction in ice production and will eventually cause equipment breakdown.  Available in 01 & 02 Versions.


For Ice machines and post mix systems

The iX DISPENCE 03 has been specifically designed to provide better tasting drinks, whilst keeping costs as low as possible when using high volume ice machines and post mix systems, where the quality of water used for cold beverage dispense machines is vitally important.   Please contact us for more detail.

For steam ovens

The iX VAPOUR 03 has been specially designed for use with steam ovens and other catering equipment that use steam.   The ion-exchange media within the iX VAPOUR protects Combi Ovens, Pasta Cookers, Bratt Pans or Boilers from a build-up of lime scale which will attack elements, oven chambers and sensors, often resulting in expensive break-downs and unwanted kitchen down-time.   Please contact us for more detail.