3300X Floor Standing Coolers


The 4400X range of Floor Standing Coolers are safe, sturdy and reliable, with an option to mains feed or use water bottles and offer a combination of hot & chilled still or Sparkling or ambient & chilled Still or Sparkling water.



The Floor Standing 3300X Water Cooler is a reliable unit available with a choice of either mains fed or bottled water – thereby offering a solution for any space restrictions.

The Unit is totally manual meaning that no Solenoids or PCB’s are used.  The drip tray can be connected to mains drainage, with an optional pump to pump the waste along a distance of 150m and up to 3m high.  With the SIP Automatic 24/7 ozone sanitising with Sleep mode, sanitising call outs are reduced by 50% and energy consumption falls by 40%.

Both the mains fed and bottle fed models are available with Hot & Chilled or Ambient & Chilled dispensed water.

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