4400 Fizz Floor Standing Coolers


Enjoy a sparkling drink from the 4400 Fizz bottled or mains feed cooler, offering both ambient & cold fizzy water.



The 4400 Fizz Floor Standing range of Coolers are safe, sturdy and reliable, with an option to mains feed or use water bottles, offering both ambient and cold drinking fizzy water.   The unit includes an integrated cup holder for 7oz and 9oz cups.
The stainless steel 3 litre cold water tank is thermostatically controlled to 4C – 12C.  The 4400FZ is suitable for 600gm and much larger 3.15kg CO2 cylinders, which are hidden inside the cooler.
Taller than a lot of other models, the dispensing taps are at a more ergonomic height, and the Antimicrobial HygieneGuard Technology inhibits bacterial growth at the dispensing point.  The 4400 Fizz uses modern Solenoid push button taps which light up on touch, and a FloodGuard inlet solenoid valve protects the cooler against flooding.

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