Arctic Star 55 Water Cooler


The Arctic Star 55 range of Floor Standing Coolers are safe, sturdy and reliable, with an option to mains feed or use water bottles, with a choice of Hot & Chilled or Ambient & Chilled dispensed water.



The Arctic Star 55 Floor Standing range of coolers are sturdy and reliable with a modern design, with an offering to suit everyone’s drinking water requirements and can be either be plumbed (POU) or bottled feed.  The Arctic Star 55 has modern, reliable, manual push down taps that are tamper and break resistant. The Drip tray can also be connected to the mains. SIP Automatic 24/7 ozone sanitising with sleep mode. Reduces sanitising callouts by 50% and energy consumption by 40% – factory installed.

Both the mains fed and bottle fed models are available with Ambient & Chilled or Hot & Chilled dispensed water.  If choosing the Hot & Chilled model, the Arctic Star has a hot water booster button which can raise the water temperature from 92°C to 95/96°C – perfect for that afternoon cup of tea!  And the ECO sensor turns the boiler off when the office lights are switched off – saving up to 25% in electricity.

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