We supply granular, tablet and block salt for use in all water softener systems, essential for the regeneration process. 

Hydrosoft Tablet Salt is also 99.9% pure and FCC Food Grade.  Made with special care for water softness, the water softening salts dissolve evenly, so there are no problems with undissolved salt building up in the base of your water softener.   These strong smooth tablets are compacted using the latest technology, so they will not fall apart. With nothing added and nothing taken away, these are one of the purest water softening salt tablets around and will ensure best results. 

Hydrosoft Granular Salt is 99.9% pure and FCC Food Grade  which is ideal for all makes of water softener.  Made with special care for water softness, the Granular salt is a rounded bead grown from individual crystals of salt and is the only UK produced granular water softening salt made this way, which gives consistent brining in any water softener.  Hyrdrosoft salts are provided in tough packaging ensuring easy handling and storage.  

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